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There are several different air treatment technologies that are used in air cleaners. Each of them is good in any particular case. Let's talk more about the different situations, and what treatment option is right for the best.



A lot of dust in the apartment. This is the most common situation in large cities. In this case, the task of cleaning copes electrostatic air cleaner. They attract dust due to the electric field. They are fairly easy to clean. This does not give you much trouble. In that case, if the room huge amount of dust, the electrostatic equipment can not cope with its removal. It is best to choose air cleaners with HEPA filters. Such filters are almost completely purify the air even on the microscopic dust. They form a continuous barrier in the air en route. Brushing them is very simple. Suffice monthly vacuum filters.

Cleaners for allergy sufferers. For allergy sufferers afraid of not only large dust, but the microscopic. From it is quite difficult to get rid of, but can be used for these purposes, several types of air purifiers. You can use the previously mentioned cleaner with a HEPA filter. Such equipment holds about 99 percent of the dust in the air. Air and water also help in this situation. They contaminated air is passed through the water, which prevents return of dust into the air. It is best to buy a model with additional ionization. There ionizers, which work on the principle of remote ionization. They form in close proximity to a zone of rich ions that contribute to the Push-Pull great variety of allergens to the air surface.

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Removal of odors. Sometimes a person has a need to rid their premises of various kinds of odors. Here, the best way proven fotokatoliticheskie air cleaners, as they are able to decompose any odors in the presence of a person. There are devices, such as ozone generators. They oxidize and cleave various chemical components in air. This can be said about the unpleasant smell.

The presence of the ionization function


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If we are talking about purchasing an air cleaner, which you can replace the filter, you should pay attention to the presence of ionization function. The thing is that when passing through the air filter is deprived of its natural charge, that is, he is, in fact, is dead. In the room, where a large concentration of the air to be unsafe. Ionization allows both to revive the air.

Additional functionality

If you want to work with your air cleaner has been as comfortable as possible, it is mandatory to note the presence of additional functions. There have to be several speeds that allow you to vary the intensity of the instrument. It is advisable to present here a timer for automatic shut-off equipment. Welcomes the existence of a hygrometer to measure the humidity.